Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel are giving parents lots to fear.

On Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the two were on a mission to take the YouTube crown from kids music hit and parents’ nightmare “Baby Shark”.

In the skit, Perry and Kimmel sit down to write a new song, brainstorming what kids like, including dinosaurs, puppies, low-interest mortgages, planes, garbage trucks.

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Perry suggests kids like eating, but Kimmel tells her, “Mine don’t.”

“They’re very picky!” she says, to which the host responds, “Picky picky.”

“Picky picky, icky icky,” Perry says, landing on a potential hook for the song, to which Kimmel says, “It sounds like something Snoop might rap.”

Reacting to the phrase “yum yum,” the host says, “Yeah, I mean it causes all the hair on my body to stand up when I say the word ‘yum yum,’ but I think that’s good because the parents have to hate the song.”

Of course, being a kids song, they eventually land on lyrics about farts.

“Fart beats. Kids love that,” Perry says.

Kimmel adds, “My kids love farting. I mean, they really live for it.”

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Finally, Perry sits down at the keyboard to compose the song, though she admits she can’t actually play the piano.

“I feel like not being able to play the piano is kind of an advantage here in our effort to keep it stupid,” Kimmel points out. “This is where we need Lionel Richie.”

Finally, they debut the song with its colourful music video.

“Clap your hands and stomp your feet/Give me something good to eat,” Perry sings, before they both sing the chorus, “Yum yum, nom nom/Toot toot, poop!”

They’re even joined by a trio of kids in a cloud and, making a special appearance, LeVar Burton.