Louis C.K.’s win for Best Comedy Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards isn’t sitting well with at least one of his accusers.

Speaking with Variety, Julia Wolov, one of five women who alleged C.K. had exposed himself and masturbated in front of, in some cases without their consent, addressed the Grammy win.

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“Nobody cares. That’s the message this sends,” Wolov said. “It really does. That’s the truth.”

C.K., who broadly confirmed the women’s accounts of events after accusations surfaced in 2017, won the award for his 2020 comedy special “Sincerely, Louis C.K.”, in which he made jokes about his misconduct.

“There has been zero change in the way comedy is run. There are no rules,” Wolov added.


The comedy writer and performer also talked about her choice to speak publicly about her experience with C.K. in 2017 and expressed regrets about the decision.

“You sort of take that on, knowing that you might be able to help somebody else. That’s part of what makes you come forward, but it’s not fun. We took one for the team,” she said of herself and the other women who came forward. “Even talking to you right now, I know this will not work in my favour, but so many people are asking and it’s hard when he’s in the constant news cycle.”

Wolov also believes that coming forward hasn’t helped her career in anyway and she thinks she is now seen in the industry as a “troublemaker.”

“Of course, his fans will say it’s because we’re not funny or we’re gold diggers — that’s my favourite, like, we got so rich from this,” she said sarcastically. “People will say we want attention. Trust me, this is not the attention that I ever hoped for.”

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As for the big Grammy win, Wolov said, “It’s such bulls**t. What is wrong with people? Wouldn’t it be nice if people would not be rewarded for bad behaviour? But what are you supposed to do? These people voted for him. I guess that’s what happens when comedy and music comes together.”

Speculating about C.K.’s view of events, Wolov is also critical.

“I know that he faced financial repercussions by losing his TV deals, but big deal. For him, I feel like he thinks that’s his god-given right to have these things, where most normal people would see it as a privilege to have that type of platform,” she said. “I don’t believe in cancel culture, but obviously, Louis is not canceled. He seems fine to me. He’s touring. He’s selling out. He’s winning Grammys.”