Theo and Mila are a pair of young acrobatic gymnasts from Oakville, Ontario, who made their debut on the “Canada’s Got Talent” stage this week.

Combining ballet-like grace and seemingly superhuman strength, the duo’s energetic act seriously impressed the “CGT” judges, who were brought to their feet along with audience.

“Wow!” exclaimed judge Lilly Singh, followed by several more wows, adding, “Let me just say, yay!”

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“The amount of strength that you both have, the beauty and the grace… I’m not a predictor of the future, but one day you people are gonna be able to afford shoes,” quipped Howie Mandel to the barefoot performers.

After Kardinal Offishal praised their “strength,” “athleticism” and “showmanship,” Trish Stratus weighed in.

“I knew when I decided to take this seat at the judges table that there would at one point be something so special, I knew I would have to have the ability to give someone an opportunity,” said Stratus.

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“And I knew that I would potentially change the trajectory of somebody’s life,” she added as she began rising to her feet while the crowd cheered what she was about to do.

“And I unequivocally know that this moment is right now,” she continued, slamming her palm down on the Golden Buzzer.