Things got extra dramatic on the latest “Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

On what was supposed to be a fun trip out to Nashville, Teresa Giudice had some real words for Margaret Josephs over dinner, escalating into a fight for the ages.

It all started with a suggestion at dinner by Teresa’s sister-in-law that they record a song together, which Teresa wasn’t into for the simple fact of having to do it with Margaret.

“No. You can go do that singing thing with her, I don’t want to go,” she said.

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Only moments later, the group was discussing how Margaret apparently “knows everyone everywhere” and Teresa latched onto that, accusing her , “See what I mean? You know everybody, Margaret.”

She added, “You talk to everybody. Yes, you do. Yes, you do.”

It became clear that Teresa was referring to her earlier accusation that Margaret had been leaking information and rumours about her fiancé Luis Ruelas to internet bloggers.

“Every time we do have, like, a major talk, something comes out. And then who brings it out? Ms. Margaret does,” she said.

“How would I have information on Louie and his life?” Margaret asked.

“Because you’re talking to people in his past,” Teresa accused. “That’s what I think. I’m sure you inserted yourself.”

Things soon escalated into an all-out fight, with Teresa hurling drinks from the table at Margaret, calling her a “sick disgusting liar” and a f**king b***h.”

As Teresa was shouting and cursing and being escorted out by the show’s crew, Margaret threw back an insult.

“Luckily, you’re still not on parole,” she said, referring to her castmate’s stint in prison over a fraud conviction.

“F**k you, you f**king w****e. You’re a disgusting, white trash b***h,” Teresa continued to respond before finally being escorted out by Luis and her brother Joe Gorga.

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“She started with me. She’s been talking about my boyfriend this whole time,” Teresa said later, to those who departed with her to the vacation house. “So she’s the one that f***king started [it].”

She added, “I f**king hate that c**t. She better stay the f**k away. I’m not kidding. When I’m done with somebody, I’m done.”

Back at the restaurant, Margaret suggested that Teresa wouldn’t have reacted that way if her relationship with Luis was going smoothly.

“Normal, happy people can hold their composure,” she said. “She can’t hold her composure.”

Speaking to E! News, co-star Jennifer Aydin talked about the big blowout between her castmates.

“It was shocking but it was not shocking because, as Margaret always says, know your audience, don’t poke the bear, and this is Teresa Giudice we’re talking about,” Jennifer said. “She flips some food, not a table this time.”