Fans are looking back on a photo featuring three lost comedy greats.

On Tuesday, comedian Gilbert Gottfried passed away at 67, which prompted many to remember a photo he’d shared of himself with Bob Saget, Jeff Ross, and Norm Macdonald, soon after Macdonald passed away last year.

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In an interview on a comedy podcast recorded soon after Saget’s untimely death earlier this year, Gottfried recalled the picture.

“I put that photo up a few times, it’s one of my favourite photos,” he said. ‘It was just so much fun.”


“I had just spoken to Bob, like, a few days before he died,” Gottfried continued. “We were on the phone and, as always, the minute anything turned at all sincere or serious, we’d turn it to just complete filth and make it perverse. It was always fun. I always remember, when ‘The Aristocrats’ came out, people were saying, ‘Can you believe Bob Saget talks like that?’ And to people who knew him, we couldn’t believe he could speak any other way.”

He went on, “I remember I got a call from Jeff Ross who said, ‘Oh, sad news, Bob Saget died.’ And I swear, I thought, Oh this is going to be a funny, sick joke, and I said, ‘Oh, okay…. ‘ And I was waiting for the punchline. And then he said, ‘No, seriously, he died.’ I still have a hard time grasping that.”

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Looking back on his late friend, Gottfried said, “I think if you could communicate with the dead and get in touch with Bob Saget, he would make completely bad taste jokes about his own death. He was that kind.”

Meanwhile, on his own podcast, before he died, Saget remembered the late Macdonald.

“He cared about people a lot. And he felt the human condition [so] deeply that it affected him in different ways,” Saget said. “Norm Macdonald was a gift to all of us. And I will miss him always, and I will always love him.”