Everyone misses Tony Stark, but David Dobrik is on the lookout for a $10,000 Iron Man statue.

Dobrik sat down with his friends for a recent episode of his “VIEWS” podcast. The famous YouTuber revealed that a $10,000 Iron Man statue he purchased was stolen by an alleged museum procurer.

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“The people that have our statue emailed the makers of the Iron Man [statue] in China, this is what they said,” Dobrik said, according to Just Jared.

Dobrik then read the email that was sent from the alleged thief to the statue’s manufacturers.

“Your request to return Iron Man Mark 50 has come to my attention,” the email read. “While I am cognizant of the shipping error, once it arrived we made immediate plans to use it as a centrepiece in a forthcoming press conference.”

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“I am respectfully requesting you to seriously reconsider your intention to reclaim the work and permit us to proceed to exhibit it as we had hoped.”

Following the podcast, Dobrik’s friend Jason Nash and assistant Taylor went to confront the person who allegedly stole the statue, but were unable to recover it.