According to Tiffany Haddish, not even Ellen DeGeneres has sway with the police.

On Thursday, the comedian guest-hosts “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and in the monologue she takes a moment to joke about her recent brush with the law.

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“Since I’ve been single, I’ve been praying to God to send me a man, and in January he went ahead and sent me four… in uniform. They were the police,” Haddish laughs.

“They got good benefits and everything so I can’t even be mad,” she jokes, adding, “And yes I did get charged with a DUI, which stand for Dumb Unfortunate Incidents.”

Bringing her smiling mugshot up on the screen behind her, Haddish noted, “Still cute. Looking good. I’m gonna go ahead and turn that into an NFT. Gotta get paid.”

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“I tried to get the body cam footage, but they wouldn’t give it to me,” she says. “This is true. I even had Ellen call and they still said no.”

Finally, Haddish joked. “Listen, if they won’t give it to a rich white lady, nobody is going to get it.'”

In January, Haddish was arrested on in Georgia after police reportedly found her “dozing in the driver’s seat” of her car.