Amidst Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s whirlwind romance, the “If You Had My Love” singer is providing insight as to why her relationship with the “Deep Water” actor didn’t work out in the early 2000s.

At the time, Lopez and Affleck were harshly hit with never-ending media scrutiny, especially JLo who faced a lot of off-putting criticism.

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“It was brutal,” the singer told Rolling Stone about the public scrutiny. “It’s one of those things that you bury very deeply so you can move on and get about your business.”

Although the two “were so in love,” the ongoing criticism ultimately ended their relationship in 2004 despite JLo noting it “was one of the happiest times of my life.”

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“It really destroyed our relationship from the inside out, because we were just too young to understand at that time what were really the most important things in life,” Lopez shared.

A few of the distasteful comments the “Marry Me” actress faced were being called a “mean-spirited b***h” in a “South Park” episode that made fun of her Latin heritage, and a Conan O’Brien sketch that showcased Affleck and Lopez using stand ins. O’Brien’s “cleaning lady” played Lopez and his “script intern” portrayed Affleck.