If you thought Heidi Montag’s single-use jean campaign was troubling, she agrees.

Montag came under fire on Wednesday for promoting a line of denim jeans that were intended to be used once. Labelled “S1NGLES Jeans,” the pants were described as “the world’s first single-use jeans” with the slogan “Wear. Toss. Repeat.”

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“The beauty of S1NGLES is that you only wear them once,” the brand’s website claimed. “When you’re done with them, you throw them away and wear a new pair. It’s that simple. And it’s completely sustainable because S1NGLES are made from a proprietary blend of form-fitting cotton and recycled plastic.”

Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag — Photo: MEGA

Following immense backlash against “The Hills” star, it was revealed that her S1NGLES campaign was satire meant to bring attention to the abundance of single-use plastic bottles and the devastating environmental impact of disposal culture.

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A rep for Oceana told TooFab that Montag is helping kick off its #RefillAgain movement ahead of Earth Day.

“Up to 34 billion plastic bottles become marine pollution every year,” the rep said. “Nine per cent of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. And Oceana found that just a 10 per cent increase in refillables, which can be used 20 to 50 times each, in all coastal countries would take as many as 7.6 billion single-use plastic bottles out of the oceans every year.”