Julia Roberts got nostalgic about her 1997 hit romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

In an interview with E! News to promote her Starz series “Gaslit”, the actress reflected on her 1997 hit movie as its 25th anniversary approaches.

“So many people have someone that they can see themselves as in the movie, and I also just think that we really got lucky coming together,” she said. “None of us knew each other before we made the movie, and we just had a really great chemistry. It just worked. I mean, we all really liked each other.”

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The beloved movie was nominated for Best Music at the 1998 Oscars.

She remains close with her co-star Dermot Mulroney which she calls a “testament to the beautiful time we all had making this film together.”

While Roberts was a rom-com darling throughout the ’90’s, her new political thriller series “Gaslit” is a completely different experience.

To get into her role as John N. Mitchell’s wife and Watergate whistleblower Martha Mitchell, the actress had to tap into her own sense of justice.

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“I think it’s our personal responsibility to advocate for ourselves, and I think that my husband and I both are people of strong convictions and opinions and compassions and I think that we try to instill that in our kids as much by example as by preaching,” said Roberts. “It’s an interesting society and culture that they’re coming to age within, and I think that… they bear a huge responsibility—more than I think I did at their age—to speak their minds and speak up for themselves and advocate for the things that they believe in.”

“Gaslit” airs April 24 on Starz.