Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine is taking a toll on everyone in different ways.

First and foremost is the toll of life taken by the war’s victims. The emotional burden is stretching beyond Ukraine’s borders, as demonstrated during Thursday’s “News Day” segment on CNN. Reporter Brianna Keilar began tearing up while reporting live from Lviv on the children affected by the war.

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“The Ukrainian government says nearly 200 children have been killed in this war here so far,” Keilar said, per TheWrap. “That is the official count though it is likely a gross underestimate that doesn’t include those killed in places where active fighting is underway, where officials are still working to confirm deaths.”

Keilar kept her composure for the majority of the segment but was unable to hold back tears while detailing the deaths of Sofia, 6, and her younger brother Vanyushka. Keilar was particularly distraught sharing how the children’s uncle listened to their deaths on speakerphone.

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“She was wearing unicorn pyjamas an ambulance rushed her to the hospital where she died,” Keilar said. “[Russia’s governments] do not believe that the pictures of the these kids are real… They think they are fabricated by the Ukrainians. But they are real.”