Learn from the best.

If you are interested in songwriting and producing there is no one better to teach you than Mariah Carey who started a new MasterClass.

“For the first time, I am letting cameras in to witness my creative process,” she said of her series “Mariah Carey: Teaches The Voice As An Instrument”.

“Now on MasterClass, I’m inviting you to ‘The Butterfly Lounge’, my musical sanctuary where I write new songs, re-imagine classics, and collaborate with artists of different genres,” Carey added.

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Carey also shared a clip promoting the class where she recalled producing her own songs as a “teenage girl” in a room full of men.

“There is power in that and no one really wanted me to feel powerful,” Carey said.

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Carey discussed how the tone of her voice or words she uses can make such an impact.

“As a singer and as a songwriter I have chose to be very, very specific about certain things,” she continued. “Keeping things general while trying to reveal a specific emotion that I was feeling in hopes that other people could relate to it.”

The five-time Grammy winner concluded, “Music saved my life in many, many ways. If I can do the same for other people then that’s everything.”