Oliver Hudson may be Kate Hudson’s brother, but that doesn’t mean he gets invited to her star-studded gatherings.

The pair chatted to Kelly Clarkson on her show this week, with Clarkson commenting on how competitive Kate seemed during a recent appearance on “That’s My Jam”.

Oliver confirmed just how much his sister likes to win, adding, “Kate has had game nights forever, which, first of all, I never get invited… because I’m not a big enough celebrity is what I think.”

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Kate insisted “that’s not true,” but Oliver went on to joke: “I have fear that I’m going up against Leo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks… Sir Anthony Hopkins is running charades.”

Kate laughed, “That’s ridiculous, I would give anything [to have] Sir Anthony Hopkins [at my party.]”

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Oliver then said, “I have anxiety for game night because she invites very prominent people who are professionals, Academy Award winners…”

Keen to reveal the actual reason she stopped inviting him to her game nights, Kate shared: “Here’s the thing… I used to invite him, and he never showed up, so I just stopped inviting him.”

She then said of Oliver’s wife Erinn Bartlett: “Well first of all your wife is always so late, the party would be, like, done.”