A new fan-made video is gaining attention after being posted on YouTube for mashing up footage from new Apple TV+ series “Severance” with the theme song from “The Office”.

It’s a natural fit, given that both shows feature employees working in an nondescript office environment — although, to be fair, only one show has a premise in which those employees are able to undergo a procedure to their brains that allows them to “sever” their work and personal lives.

Footage from “Severance” melds perfectly with the theme of “The Office”, with the video even featuring an “Office”-like logo for what’s called “The Severance”.

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Ben Stiller, exec producer and director of “Severance”, previously told Entertainment Weekly that when he first read the “Severance” script, he found “something in the tone of it that reminded me of these office workplace comedies I’d seen over the last 20 years in movies and television that sort of developed as a genre unto themselves.”

According to Stiller, “it was almost like he was playing with this familiar tone and comedic cadence in the dialogue of people who joke with each other and banter at the office. And yet there was this other layer to it, which was the question of: who are they, what are they doing, why are they there? And none of them even knew that. So it had this surreal undertone. Right from the beginning, I was just taken by that, because it felt familiar yet different. And I started imagining what that world looked like, and that was really exciting to think about.”