With 2021 marking the 20th anniversary of the premiere of “24”, could Jack Bauer have one more mission left in him?

Star Kiefer Sutherland thinks so, and shared his thoughts about the possibility of resurrecting anti-terrorist CTU agent Jack Bauer for another adventure.

“I do believe the story is unresolved,” Kiefer told GQ. “If something were to be written that made sense to me and that I thought was going to contribute to the franchise then I would be behind it, even if my participation in that were to be limited.”

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However, Sutherland insisted that all the elements needed to be in place before he’d consider a return to his most iconic role.


“My involvement will always be predicated on what I perceive is the quality of the writing. If [original showrunner] Howard Gordon is motivated to do it, we’ll see what happens,” he continued.

“I miss it. It was an incredible experience,” Sutherland added. “I have learned that you’re just better off not to be definitive about your answer of whether you will do something or not do something.”

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Premiering in the fall of 2021, “24” ran for six seasons before being revived in 2008 for the limited series “24: Redemption”, with the series then revived for two more seasons until the show was finally cancelled in 2010. Sutherland was back in 2014 for another revival, this one subtitled “Live Another Day”.

Sutherland didn’t return for the 2017 spinoff series, “24: Legacy”, which starred Corey Hawkins as CTU agent Eric Carter; the series was cancelled after just one season.

Fox subsequently announced plans for two separate spinoffs — one a legal thriller and the other a prequel focusing on Jack Bauer’s early career — but both were ultimately scrapped.

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