A clip from the new season of “Britain’s Got Talent” showcases judge Amanda Holden as she finds herself enlisted as part of a seemingly impossible act.

In the clip, the “BGT” stage features an empty chair, along with a trolley-style table on which sits a box and a red balloon.

An ominous booming voice is then heard, asking Holden to take a seat onstage.

Holden is immediately freaked out, but follows the instructions and sits down.

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“I’m just going to grab something from over here,” the voice intones, at which point the table rolls across the stage next to her, seemingly of its own accord.

She’s then asked to grasp the balloon, which mysteriously inflates and then pops as she holds it, before she’s instructed to select an item from the box and hide it under a cloth — just as the clip ends.

The new season of “Britain’s Got Talent” kicks off in the U.K. on Saturday, April 16.