Kim Kardashian can always count on mom Kris Jenner to have her back, and that includes helping her through her difficult divorce from Kanye West.

In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph‘s Stellar magazine, Jenner opens up about how she’s helped guide her daughter through the contentious split.

“When any one of us is going through something big in our lives, it’s really important for us to understand they’re not always going to have a lot of other people who are going to understand the situation,” shared Jenner. “So we try to be there for her and pay attention to what’s going on.”

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As Jenner explained, Kim has not just her support, but that of all her sisters as well.

“We all spend a lot of our time together,” Jenner said.

“I know she feels, and she knows, that she has the support of her entire family, right?” she added. “I think she’s just doing the best she can to make sure the co-parenting stuff goes well. She’s an amazing mom.”

One key piece of advice she’s given all her daughters is definitely timely when relating to the Kim-Kanye split, particularly given the latter’s recent propensity to air his private grievances on social media.

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“The first thing I said to them when we started our show 15 years ago was, ‘Don’t go online. Don’t read the negativity.’ These are people who are obviously very unhappy in their own lives when they’re going online, saying ugly things,” Jenner said.

“My grandmother used to always say, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Those people, being bullies online, is always so shocking to me — that people have the desire to go criticize other people and sit behind the keyboard,” she added.