North West is back at it again, sharing her honest opinion with mom Kim Kardashian.

The 8-year-old hilariously reacted to the SKIMS founder’s fresh crops picked from her backyard garden, including bunches of kale, beets, carrots and leeks.

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“You guys, we got some veggies and fruits from our garden,” Kardashian said in the video posed to her Instagram Story Friday. “How cute!”

However, North didn’t seem to share her mother’s excitement over the latest homegrown veggies.

“They look disgusting,” she reacted off-camera in the background of the video.

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“They do not look disgusting!” Kardashian, 41, responded. “They’re fresh veggies and fruits, and we’re gonna make some amazing things this weekend with them.”

“The Kardashians” star added, “You don’t think the Easter Bunny needs carrots?” She continued to poke fun at her eldest daughter’s honest commentary writing, “Thanks North” in the caption.

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North continues to entertain the internet as she’s been known for trolling her famous mother. In May of 2021, she exposed Kardashian for being a fake fan of Olivia Rodrigo’s. A few months later, in September, she called out her mother for using a “different” voice in a video shared online.

North also happens to be “very opinionated” over Kardashian’s fashion choices, especially when she’s “wearing too much black,” the businesswoman told Vogue in March.