The BTS Army will soon be marching to some new music.

On April 16, during the final BTS show during the K-pop group’s Permission to Dance concert series in Las Vegas, a cryptic teaser played on the venue’s video screens, featuring the words “We Are Bulletproof” and culminating with a date: June 10, 2022.

This was followed hours later by a statement that the group’s management shared on the fan community platform WeVerse.

“Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. BTS will be back with another new album on June 10, 2022,” the band’s management shared in a statement on the fan community platform WeVerse.

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“Details on the new album will be provided in a separate notice at a later date,” the statement added. “We look forward to your love and support for BTS’ new album. Thank you.”

Fans can expect We Are Bulletproof to drop on June 10.

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