Noah Thompson put a country twist on Harry Styles’ “Falling” on Sunday’s “American Idol”.

The construction worker, 19, from Kentucky, wowed judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry with his own version of the track, with Bryan gushing after the performance: “Wow, that was awesome.”

“Before you walk out on stage for the rest of your life say, ‘I have arrived,’” Richie told the father of one.

“Once you say that then you walk out and wherever you are in that space and time is your victory lap. Tonight, you were just a little shy. You have made it my brother. Enjoy this run.”

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Perry added, referencing Thompson’s son: “Noah you just deserve the world. You are a great human being. I miss my baby, I bet you miss your baby, but the way that you sang to your baby just touched my heart and it’s amazing, you’re so humble and beautiful. So whatever happens, you’ve got your shot. You have opened the door, just walk through it.”

Bryan continued, “Yeah, you’re going to aw shucks your way to the top and it’s authentic.

”You’re just waking up, putting your boots on one boot at a time and man you’re getting more confident and you’re getting better and better.

“And you’re doing Harry Styles songs, I mean, you’re growing and then through all of that there’s just a really awesome feeling heart and that’s what America loves to watch.”

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Thompson nabbed a spot in the Top 20. See more from his performance in the clip above.