Harry Jowsey comes clean about his famous DMs.

The 24-year-old spoke with E! News for their “Down in the DMs” segment. In this segment, stars reveal which celebrities they’ve been messaging in private on social media.

When it came to the “Too Hot To Handle” star, he revealed he had been trying to catch the attention of Hailee Steinfeld.

“Hailee Steinfeld, she doesn’t like me — at all,” Jowsey said.

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He explained that the “Dickinson” star messaged him first before unsending the message. Confused about why she unsent her message, he wrote “Hi!” to which she responded, “No.”

Jowsey then sent her a voice message of his laugh which she replied to with “LOL!”

Attempting to clarify things further, he asked her directly, “I’m so confused! Why are you saying no? What did I do? Did I hurt you?”

When that garnered no response, he sent along pictures of his adorable dog with the message, “I know you hate me, but Bruce definitely deserves a reply.”

Steinfeld wrote back, “Hate? No hate.” as the final message in the exchange.

Another celebrity that the reality star exchanged messages with was Kristen Bell who had a language question for the Aussie.

“Does ‘sh-t me Dax’ really mean ‘sh-t your pants’ in Australian? My husband wants it to be true because his name is Dax,” wrote Bell.

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“Hahaha! Yes, but it’s spelled differently!” Jowsey sent back, along with the definition for the word.

He didn’t hear back from Bell after that.

While not all of Jowsey’s celebrity encounters were successful, his advice for people trying to slide in DMs was to start off with a question.

“I’ll DM someone, be like ‘hey, I have a question’, or I ask them about their day, or something funny,” he shared. “Or call them like ‘hey, what up, lil ‘butter chicken?’ It works for me.”

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