Jodie Sweetin is looking back fondly on her time on “Full House”.

Appearing on the “Conversations with Olivia Jade” podcast, the 40-year-old actress remembered the classic sitcom, her late co-star Bob Saget, and how the whole cast got along.

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“We were the kids that they joked around with in-between takes and, you know, I would spend time with Bob’s family on weekends,” Sweetin told Olivia Jade, who is the daughter of cast member Lori Loughin. “And somebody would change the twins’ diapers, like my mom or a teacher.”

She added, “It was just a family unit, and I’m so incredibly grateful for it, because I just gained this huge family of people that I know love me, no matter what. Whatever happens, our differences or whatever, we just genuinely love each other. And no matter what happens, we’ll always show up for each other.”

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Remembering Saget, Sweetin said, “I remember Bob just being really inclusive of his kids. And he didn’t talk to them like they were idiots. And he did the same with me. Like, he treated me with respect as a young person and so did John [Stamos] and Dave [Coulier]. I understood that when I had kids, you can joke with them, you can have real conversations.”

She added, “Even being at Bob’s memorial recently. It’s like, the love that fills the room when it’s all of you guys together is so genuine.”