Josh Brolin has had a long and varied career, but all Kelly Clarkson cares about is “The Goonies”.

This week, the “Outer Range” star appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, and the host simply had to bring up the ’80s kids classic.

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“Here’s the thing, it’s probably your ‘Since U Been Gone’,” she said. “That’s the only song people think I’ve done in my career, I feel sometimes…. And I know there’s other movies, there’s a plethora of movies you’re in that you’re amazing in, but this was your first movie.”

“This was the movie that only means something to you,” Brolin joked.

Clarkson then described going back and watching “The Goonies” with her kids.

“I was like, ‘Holy f**k,’ you can’t watch this with your kids,” she said. “I forgot how much cursing is in it.”

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Brolin then asked Clarkson who her favourite character, which led her to reveal her big childhood crush on him.

“This is gonna get awkward, but we were gonna get married,” she said, before the actor pulled her over for a great big hug.