Melissa Gorga is wading into the big “Real Housewives of New Jersey” feud.

On Tuesday’s “Watch What Happens Live”, host Andy Cohen asked Gorga a series of questions, having her pick between current enemies, sister-in-law Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs.

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Asked who she’s spoken with more since the Season 12 reunion, Gorga said, “Margaret,” but admitted Teresa is more fun at parties.

She also revealed she hasn’t actually spoken with Teresa since the reunion, and named her as the person who “has a harder time being accountable for her actions.”

And when it comes to who is “more loyal,” Gorga says without hesitation that person is Margaret.

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Finally, asked which feuding reality star has “let fame go to their head more,” Gorga had an easy answer.

“Well, you have to say Teresa, ’cause she’s been there a lot longer. You can’t say Margaret on that one … Definitely Teresa,” she told Cohen. “She said she literally like says, ‘I’m Teresa and I don’t have to climb the tree and I don’t have to do this and I don’t wanna do that.'”