Iggy Azalea is calling out American Airlines on social media.

The rapper took to Twitter after an alleged experience at the airport left her less than satisfied.

“I wanted to tell any families booking travel be careful flying with young kids on @AmericanAir,” she began her Twitter thread.

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“I was flying with my son & they sold our seats while the gate was still open then refused to take our bags off the plane although every other flight was sold out for that night,” said Azalea.

“I explained why stranding me is one thing but taking a babies luggage is pretty sh*t,” she continued. “There’s stuff he really needs. They do not care. lucky I booked a different airline but the average person would’ve been a** out and f**ked i so just wanted to warn other moms… Be careful! 💖”

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Fellow fans and parents chimed in with their own experiences in the conversation.

One user recounted an experience where their family was left in Texas with the same situation.

The official Twitter account for American Airlines responded to her tweet as well, asking for more information on the flight she took.

As it turns out, however, the 31-year-old had already contacted them in DMs and didn’t receive a response or help.

“And I did politely DM… still no response. Y’all be bullsh*ttingggggg. 🥴” she added.

The practice of overselling flights with airlines is a common one known as “bumping” where companies attempt to ensure revenue in case some passengers do not make the flight.