Canadian actress Franchesca Wong came under fire for her role in the Hong Kong series “Barrack O’Karma 1968”.

Wong, who lives in Hong Kong, faced backlash after darkening her skin to portray a Filipino domestic worker in the series. Wong responded to the feedback in an Instagram post published on Tuesday.

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“I have taken some time over the past few days to process my emotions, reflect, speak to members of the community and listen to the many voices that have reached out to me,” Wong wrote.

“I sincerely apologize to all who have been negatively affected in any way by the 7th chapter ‘Jei Jei’ of the ‘Barrack O’Karma 1968’ drama series, and my role in it. I have learned through this incident that professionally trying my best to analyze, interpret and act a given role to fulfill the story line is only part of the job.”

Wong insisted that it was not her intention to disrespect or discriminate.

“I genuinely have no intention to disrespect or racially discriminate any ethnic group, please forgive me for getting it wrong,” Wong wrote. “It has been a challenging experience to be at the centre of a lesson that art reflects deeply entrenches social attitudes. Open sharing, if handled well, can surely only be good in raising awareness of issues that need to be discussed.”

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“I am truly sorry that my insensitivities have offended and hurt. I am committed more than ever to using my acting for the good of the community.”

“Barrack O’Karma 1968” is a reboot of the 2019 Hong Kong supernatural romantic drama. The show’s original season was well-received and nominated for six awards at the TVB Anniversary Awards.