Heather Rae El Moussa is responding to backlash online over her Easter celebration.

For the holiday, the “Selling Sunset” star hosted an event for her step-children which featured live bunnies for them to interact with. She received criticism over the choice of including them due to their living conditions on many farms.

Addressing the backlash in now expired Instagram Story, she revealed the rabbits were ethically sourced from a local farm after “lots of research”.

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“I can’t believe I am having to explain myself but it was brought to my attention that there are lots of nasty comments about the bunnies…,” she wrote. “Our whole family are animal lovers, I have been vegan for most of my life, I am very passionate about animals and am always an advocate for ALL animals!!”

She continued, “We wanted a fun and cute experience for the kids, so did tons of research and found an amazing local bunny farm with an amazing mission that we wanted to support!”

El Moussa explained that the rabbits were not caged at the Orange County Bunny Farm, and were given very good living conditions.

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“They actually started their farm as a way to help treat and provide comfort for young children with disabilities, particularly with autistic children,” she added. “The bunnies are all raised organically and naturally. We felt comfortable supporting this amazing little local business, and also creating an [sic] fun experience for everyone!!”

She then shared a screenshot of the Orange County Bunny Farm Instagram page, which has since gone private, for those who wanted to learn more.

“Please refrain from judgment and negativity without knowing the full story,” The mother of two concluded. “No need for all of the hate and nasty comments!”