Just when fans thought they’d seen the last of Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry pranksters, Netflix has announced the arrival of yet another instalment in the “Jackass” pantheon.

According to the streamer’s Twitter account,  “Jackass 4.5” will debut on May 20.

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Along with the announcement, Netflix shared a sneak peek at the Swingset Gauntlet, in which the crew uses the familiar playground item to cause the usual mayhem.

“Jackass 4.5” isn’t technically a new movie, but a patchwork of leftover footage that didn’t make it into the recently released “Jackass Forever”.

As for whether a fifth “Jackass” movie is in the works, star Johnny Knoxville told ScreenRant that while he felt it was unlikely, anything is possible.

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“There could be another film, possibly,” he said. “We have the younger cast, a ton of ideas. But like [director] Jeff [Tremaine] said, we don’t make plans.”