“The Masked Singer” made headlines awhile back — and not the good kind — when it was reported that Rudy Giuliani was revealed to be one of the performers on the current season.

The former NYC mayor’s episode aired on Wednesday, April 20, with Fox’s broadcast confirming previous reports that “celebrity detective” Ken Jeong walked off the show in protest.

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In the episode, the one-time personal attorney to ex-president Donald Trump was revealed to be inside the Jack-in-the-Box costume after delivering a melody-free rendition of George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ “Bad to the Bone”.

Michael Becker / FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.
Michael Becker / FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.

“This is definitely something I never would have guessed,” said Robin Thicke, while fellow detective Jenny McCarthy admitted she “had no idea” it was Giuliani under the mask.

“It surprises us all that you’re here on ‘The Masked Singer’,” host Nick Cannon told Giuliani, who is currently the subject of a federal investigation relating to his allegedly shady dealings in Ukraine.

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While McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger danced and sang as the unmasked Giuliani sang, Jeong was not having it.

“I’m done,” he said before walking off the set, with his exit shown onscreen as the closing credits rolled.