Blake Lively is making her favourite part of sparkling drinks the star in her first Betty Buzz commercial.

In her hilarious new ad, the star celebrated what she considers great about her non-alcoholic mixer.

“When I first started Betty Buzz, I set out to create the best sparkling drink out there,” said the 34-year-old. “Made with only real fruit, no junk, something anyone in the family could enjoy.”

“But I had one principle,” she continued.

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The bubble machine behind her began spewing out bubbles at an alarming rate.

“Anyone wanna have a guess?” she asked as the bubbles began to overwhelm her. “No? There could never be too many bubbles.”

Finally realizing maybe there was a limit to the soapy water, she walked off the set. “Okay, we’re done here.”

While she might have had enough by the end of the Betty Buzz ad, Lively confessed that she thought bubbles were the key to any carbonated drink.

“In my not quite humble enough opinion, the key to a sparkling drink is the bubble size,” she told People about her carbonated mixer. “There must be a ton of bubbles, but they also have to be small and tightly packed together so they explode when you pour your drink, or gulp it from the bottle.”

In fact, it took her company countless tries to perfect the formula.

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“So, of course we had to launch our first commercial as one in celebration of our teeny tiny heroes. Bubbles!” the mother of three added. “High five for whoever accurately guesses how many times I said bubbles in this statement without rereading.”

Her husband Ryan Reynolds approved of the new video, posting it on his LinkedIn page.

He captioned the post: “I’d inject the Betty Buzz bubbles straight into my veins if it weren’t so medically ill-advised.”

Betty Buzz was launched in September 2021 with a variety of flavours. Other stars like Hugh Jackman have given praise to the drink, stating his “love” of every flavour.