Danny Trejo baby talking to his dogs will be well-worth your time.

The “Machete” actor introduced fans to his many dog in a video for Whistle Sports.

“I’m just a dog person. Cats remind me of movie stars, they think they are so entitled,” Trejo told the camera.

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After giving his many pups a treat, he picked up a small white dog to rub his tummy.

“Hi baby, it’s a little fat tummy, it’s a little fat tummy,” he continued, kissing the dog.

His dogs include Golden Retriever Liam, a mix bred named The Duke after John Wayne, a small black and white dog called John Wesley Hardin named after “the meanest cowboy in the west [who] once shot a man for snoring too loud.”

Trejo also owns two small dogs named Penny Lane and Sgt. Pepper.

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Trejo answered a number of questions for the video including “why is it important for you to rescue dogs”.

“I think the good Lord wants us to start living up to all our responsibilities,” he said. “Which one of them is taking care of these guys.”

He added, “We called them in, we domesticated them, we made them our responsibility.”