Rhea Perlman is looking back at her marriage to Danny DeVito.

In October 2012, after 30 years of marriage, the two announced their split. They later reconciled from March 2013 to March 2017 before once again calling it quits, although never filed for divorce.

“‘Cheers’ might have been everything in the beginning of my career, but family is everything, everything,” Perlman told People. “If my relationships with my children were strained, I would be beside myself.”

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Perlman and DeVito share kids Lucy, 39, Grace, 37. and Jack, 34.

“We’re still separated, but we see each other often, and we’re still a family,” she continued. “We can do things together, we can do things separately. I’m really, really glad that Danny and I were able to navigate some rough days to be able to have this different kind of relationship. I think it’s pretty rare, but we agree on so many things that it makes sense.”

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“Sometimes I wish we were still together because those were the glory days, but these are other kinds of glory days,” Perlman added, but thinks “it’s probably worked out for the best.”

Perlman first met DeVito after seeing him perform in a 1971 stage production The Shrinking Bride. They moved in together two weeks later and got married on Jan. 28, 1982.