Gordon Ramsay isn’t about to take criticism from a critic.

On Thursday night, during the U.K. airing of the celebrity chef’s show “Future Food Stars”, British food critic Jay Rayner took a shot at Ramsay.

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“Is this still all you have?” he asked of Ramsay on Twitter.

But Ramsay wasn’t going to let that slide, responding directly with a jab at Rayner’s performance as a contestant on “The Weakest Link”.


The critic answered, “The first time I won it mate. The second time I came third. And neither time did I make anybody cry.”

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Ramsay continued, though, writing, “Jay your professional job is stuffing your face on the back of great chefs.”

Rayner again responded, happily touting his professional credentials, including the books he’s written, with a not-so-subtle implication that Ramsay may not be the actual author of all his own books. He even included a lesson in English usage.

Ramsay hasn’t yet responded.