The late-night hosts had a field day with the latest “Masked Singer” drama.

On this week’s episode of the reality show, as had previously been reported, the mysterious Jack in the Box was revealed to be former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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“Speaking of crazy things on TV,” Fallon said, bringing up Giuliani’s unmasking on the reality competition.

The reveal notoriously prompted judge Ken Jeong to walk out on the show in protest of the former politician and ally of Donald Trump/

“After seeing that, the CDC reinstated the mask mandate,” Fallon joked. “They’re like, ‘Hey guys, put the mask back on.’ ”

He added. “You know, it actually takes talent not to hit any notes.”

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host also reacted to the big unmasking, joking, “They finally get a Republican to wear a mask, and that’s how it goes.”

Kimmel added, “I know it’s Fox, but I still can’t believe they did this. Rudy Giuliani tried to overthrow our government. Is Jared from Subway and the Zika virus next?”

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Finally, on “The Daily Show”, host Trevor Noah joked, “Rudy Giuliani just got voted off ‘The Masked Singer’, which means he’s about to spend the next five years claiming that he actually won ‘The Masked Singer’.”

He added, “It’s also weird how Rudy has the time to be on a game show, but he’s ‘too busy’ to testify in front of Congress.”

Noah also joked, “I guess history was made last night because for the first time in ‘The Masked Singer”s history, a contestant took off their mask and everyone was like, ‘No, no, put it back on, put it back on!'”