Canadian “Jeopardy!” contestant Mattea Roach has been notching win after win, and on the Friday, April 22 episode she captured her 14th consecutive victory.

Her latest win added another $34,000 to her winnings to date, for a total so far of $320,081.


As a “Jeopardy!” press release confirmed, this places the 23-year-old Toronto tutor in the game show’s record books, becoming eighth on the all-time consecutive games list and 10th on the all-time highest non-tournament cash winnings list.

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Statistically speaking, Roach is among the top players ever, having answered an impressive 93 per cent of clues correctly, but when she first arrived at the show she never expected to come as far as she has.

“This has been such a crazy season of streaks and I was fully thinking Amy [Schneider] might still be here,” Roach said of taking her place in “Jeopardy!” history.

“If it’s not Amy, there’s going to be some other super-champion that’s just going to knock me out Game One,” she added. “I guess what I didn’t realize is maybe I could become the super-champion I wanted to see in the world.”

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Roach will be back on Monday, April 25, to face off against two new challengers.