Snoop Dogg says Taylor Swift is the “perfect example” of finding a workaround in the music industry.

The rapper nearly re-recorded his masters, something Swift has famously been doing after not having the chance to buy them from Scooter Braun.

“She ain’t an old artist at all — she’s quite new,” Snoop said on the “Full Send” podcast.

“What did she do?” he continued. “She remastered her album. Why? Because she wasn’t making revenues off of that album.”

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Snoop did clarify that he has nothing against Braun.

“I ain’t firing shots at nobody. Scooter’s my friend, I’m just giving the truth,” Snoop said. “This is public information, am I lying? Ask her why did she redo her album? Because she couldn’t get finances so she redid her album as a way of ‘I’ll make this for my fans, and they’ll support me because those are my vocals, this is my music, and I should be making money off of my project when you buy it.’”

Snoop nearly remastered his 1993 album Doggystyle.

“I was going to remaster my album,” he said. “My son had told me years ago, he was like, ‘You should just remaster Doggystyle, Pops, f**k all that. Just remaster it, you ain’t gotta worry about all that.”

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“But I didn’t want to go that approach, because you can’t remaster Doggystyle like you can remaster them R&B songs. That s**t was a feeling, that s**t was a moment. You can’t recapture that. We’re trying to re-enact that s**t all over again, so I had to go get my s**t back.”

Snoop’s recently acquired Death Row Records which will give artists proper compensation to avoid the situation Swift is in.