Among the many strange scenes in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” is one in which Nicolas Cage, playing a skewed version of himself, sits down with Pedro Pascal’s character to watch “Paddington 2”.

In a new interview with IGN, via Collider, Cage was asked whether he’s actually seen that particular movie; he confirmed that he has — and quite enjoyed it.

“Did not know the movie, had not seen the movie, but subsequently did see the movie, and yes, I am a fan,” Cage declared.

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“I thought Hugh Grant was marvellous in the movie,” he added. “I think it’s a great movie, it’s very emotional, it’s very funny.”

Speaking of “very funny,” that’s an apt description for a Collider-produced video in which children impersonate Cage in some of his most memorable roles.

Watch in awe as these hilariously talented kids deliver their best Cage impressions of his characters in movies including “Moonstruck”, “Vampire’s Kiss”, “Face/Off”, “Raising Arizona”, “Con Air”, “National Treasure” and even “Wicker Man” (“Ahhh! Not the bees!”).