An actress who played a memorable role in “Mean Girls” is taking a look back at her time filming the hit 2004 comedy.

Jan Caruana portrayed Emma Gerber, who was one of the students at North Shore High School where the movie took place.

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“Mean Girls” fans will remember that Lindsay Lohan‘s character Cady Heron compliments Gerber on her hair during a moving speech near the end of the movie. 

“That hairdo must’ve taken hours and you look really pretty,” she says.

Caruana discussed the hairdo after a fan Tweeted, “I guess I just don’t believe that Emma Gerber’s hairdo ‘must’ve taken hours.'”

At first it took about 25 minutes,” she replied. “Then I got sent to set and the director said, ‘That doesn’t look like it took hours.’ So I was sent back to hair and they stuck some flowers in it and I got sent back again.” 

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She concluded, “So in total… Maybe one hour.” 

In a followup tweet, Caruana added, “Shooting that scene took hours. Does that count?”