Matthew Broderick’s first experience at a gay bar was short-lived.

On Sunday night, the actor appeared alongside his friend Harvey Fierstein on “Watch What Happens Live”.

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Host Andy Cohen brought up the fact that it was Fierstein who took Broderick to his first-ever gay bar, after starring in a show on Broadway together.

“He grew up in the Village, and you would think…,” Fierstein said. “But he had never been, so we went around the corner from the theatre … and we went in and we’re sort of like in there, and I’m watching the eyes getting hotter and hotter on him.”

He continued, “The mother in me came out and I said, ‘Okay, we’ve seen this now, come out.’ And yeah, I got him out of there rather quickly.”

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Fierstein also talked about living through the AIDS era as a gay man in New York, and how he gave up on casual sex.

“I was in a backroom bar, doing what one does in a backroom bar,” he recalled. “I thought of a line from Colette, where she said, ‘Where he and he and he become them, I gave up men.’”

That line resonated: “I said ‘I’m that bored,’ and I just dropped the d***s and left.”