Nathalie Emmanuel has made a big life change.

Over the weekend, the “Game of Thrones” star shared an emotional video in which she has her hair chopped off for a new, short hairstyle.

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“It’s not my usual vibe to post very personal videos of my life… especially of me CRYING 🫣🤣,” she wrote, “but I wanted to share this for those who have experienced any kind of feelings of othering or hair discrimination and then had a long, tough journey to self acceptance or feelings of having no autonomy over yourself… or… worrying about not fitting certain beauty standards…

In the video, as she watches huge chunks of her hair cut away, Emmanuel begins to cry and then opens up about her experience with her hair.

“I’m just letting go of a lot of feelings,” she says through tears. “There’s so much joy and celebration connected to it, but also all this pressure and trauma, and all these things I had to overcome with it.”

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She continued, “I had to unlearn so much. It’s not a problem, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful.”

Emmanuel also adds that embracing her hair has been a form of “empowerment” for her, and she reveals that others have told her they were inspired by her to go natural with their own hairstyles.

The actress showed off her new short ‘do publicly on the red carpet at the British Academy Television Craft Awards on Sunday.