Katy Perry has her “American Idol” favourite.

On Sunday night, HunterGirl took the stage once again, performing Sugarland’s “Baby Girl” to huge cheers from the audience.

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Before the performance, the 23-year-old country singer got some coaching from former “Idol” contestant Gabby Barrett.

“I mean, you sound great,” Barrett said “This is an emotional song for you, an emotional connection to your parents. Really sing like you are feeling, like you are in that moment together, and I think your parents are going to be very proud.”

Performing the song live on the show, HunterGirl brought her usual powerful vocals and commanding stage presence, leaving the judges in awe

“You just have a heart of gold and a voice of gold, and I just want to see you win,” Katy Perry told her afterward. “I think everyone in America wants to see you win because you are a legit great person with great talent. You are discovering all of the bigness of that talent right now on that stage.”

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Luke Bryan added, “That was, from top to bottom, I believe, the best moment we’ve seen from you on ‘American Idol’It was the perfect song … when you dug in in the ending, I was hoping for that the whole time. If you hadn’t done that, that would’ve been the only thing, but you did it, and that just put the cherry on top. And as I said, it was my favourite performance that I’ve seen you do. And, you’re on your way.”

Lionel Richie was also completely on board with the praise for HunterGirl.

“I love the fact that you came looking the part, sounding the part, and what was that lyric like, ‘Looks like money?’” he said. “Well, you look like money, you sound like money, and actually, I’m going to tell you something right now, you look like an old pro on that stage. We’re so very proud of you.”