Howie Mandel gave back to his manager on Monday’s episode of “Celebrity IOU”.

The comedian joined Drew and Jonathan Scott to help renovate Rich Thurber’s apartment. Thurber has been living in the apartment for the past 15 years after losing his house in a divorce. More recently, Mandel’s manager of 30 years has faced other hardships.

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But first, it wouldn’t be Mandel without a few jokes during construction, comparing the dark paint to his previous hair.

“People may not remember this, but when I was young, my hair was all black,” Mandel said.

“I can’t quite picture that. Let me just…” Drew responded, painting Mandel’s bald head with the paint. “You look 25 again!”

“Celebrity IOU” reveal. Photo: HGTV
“Celebrity IOU” reveal. Photo: HGTV

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But things took an emotional turn when it was time to show Thurber his place, with Mandel calling him “family.”

“It was like a dream,” Thurber said. “It was completely different. Not one thing was the same.”

“Celebrity IOU” airs on HGTV Canada. Check your local listings for times.