Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff got pretty intimate during Broadway’s “Spring Awakening”, which premiered in New York City back in 2006.

The “Glee” actress revealed just how close they became as she spoke about their friendship during the upcoming HBO documentary “Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known”, which is set to air May 3, celebrating the show’s 15th anniversary.

The pair played teenage lovers Wendla and Melchior in the 19th-century coming-of-age story.

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“Jonathan and I became so close. We were so intertwined,” Michele shared, according to People.

Groff explained how he was figuring out his own sexuality at the time and took part in the play before coming out as gay in 2009.

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He shared, “We made out so hard in this play. We would have like sweat, and snot was coming out of my nostrils, and saliva, and tongues, and mouths.

“Lea and I were given this material where we had to fall in love,” the actor went on.

“But the first thing I felt was, ‘They’re going to know I’m gay. F**k. I never had sex with a girl, I’m in the closet. I’m just going to pretend that I know what I’m doing.’ I wanted the choreography to tell me what to do and give me the moves and allow me to express myself, and thank God for [director] Michael Mayer.”

Michele did whatever it took to teach Groff, telling the doc: “At one point, I literally showed him my whole vagina,” to which Groff replied, “I can confirm that.”

Michele added, “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before. Would you show me?’ And I was like, ‘Sure.’ And I took a desk lamp… and showed him. That’s how close we are… But I’ve never seen Jonathan naked. I’ve never seen his penis.”

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