Chrishell Stause has had enough of the “bully” comments.

The reality TV star, who just attended the season 5 “Selling Sunset” reunion show, shared a video on her Instagram Story the following day addressing any social media users who have been criticizing her for not being nice to Christine Quinn.

Quinn, who, once again, was seen as the villain of season 5 of the hit Netflix show because of the way she’s reportedly treated her co-stars, was absent from the reunion after contracting COVID-19.

Stause said on Instagram, “I just wanted to address something real quick. Every single season, I see this common thing every time that I’m actually, you know, not really nice, I’m fake nice and that I’m actually a bully or whatever.

“Here’s the thing: To all the nice girls out there, listen, you try and be nice, you try and do the right thing. I’ve worked in this business a long time. I have kept so many friendships. I try and always be professional.”

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The real estate agent concluded, “At the end of the day, you don’t always have to be nice if somebody keeps pushing you and does not respect your boundaries, and that is OK.”

Fans watched as Stause dealt with Quinn’s accusations of getting more listings at the Oppenheim Group because she was dating Jason Oppenheim. Stause then suggested to Oppenheim that Quinn should be fired for her remarks.

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Quinn, who also continually clashed with stars of the show, including Mary Fitzgerald and Emma Hernan, posted on Twitter before season 5 launched on Friday: