There’s a new Dark Knight in town, but he’s not who you might expect.

In a new segment from “The Late Late Show”, host James Corden goes to check on his guest Henry Winkler in his dressing room, only to discover the actor in a Batman costume.

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“You didn’t hear? I’m the new Batman,” Winkler announces to the confused host.

Demonstrating his Batman voice, the actor says, “We’ve got to stop the Joker, Dennis,” explaining that Dennis is “Batman’s little guy,” not to be confused with his sidekick Robin.

“I’ve never heard of a Dennis,” Corden says, to which Winkler responds, “That’s because you never read the comics; they’re all about Dennis.”

Winkler shows off his ensemble, stating, “I’ve got the whole costume,” including Batman’s trademark cargo shorts and flip-flops, as well as a logo that’s actually “two lizards holding vape pens,” and a bowl cut for a hairdo.

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“I didn’t realize you were such an aficionado of Batman, James. That you had a Batman degree from Batman university,” Winkler says, reacting to Corden’s complaints.

But as it turns out, Winkler may not be the new Batman after all, and may instead have been duped by an online scam.

“This is not a job for the cops,” Winkler says. “This is a job for Batman and Dennis.”