CNN reporter Clarissa Ward and her crew were riding with some paramedics in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv when Russian artillery fire came uncomfortably close — with the whole thing caught on camera.

Ward, who serves as CNN’s chief international correspondent, was accompanying paramedics Alexandra Rudkovskaya and Vladimir Venzel as they began a 24-hour shift, with Ward and her crew trailing them as they travelled to a building where they’d been told a person had been injured by Russian shelling.

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As soon as they arrived, however, another attack started with shells exploding nearby.

Ward proved to be a consummate professional, keeping her cool amidst the nearby explosions; as Ward explained, they were experiencing a “double-tap,” the Russian military’s attempt to shell an area that had just been shelled in order to try to hit rescue workers responding to the initial attack.

While neither Ward, her CNN crew or the paramedics were severely injured, one of the paramedics suffered a cut hand.

After the attack, Rudkovskaya told Ward that they weren’t surprised by the attack, since they ventured to “hottest place” in terms of combat. “You were in the oven,” she said.

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Despite the danger, the paramedics have no qualms about doing their jobs. “You feel it’s your duty or obligation to help the people who are still here,” Venzel said.

“It’s normal, this is our work,” Rudkovskaya added. “Of course it’s scary, like for everyone.”