Criminals of Gotham beware, the Caped Crusader is ready to return!

Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves are officially confirmed to return for “The Batman” sequel, Warner Bros. announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Pattinson and co-star Zoe Kravitz spoke with ET earlier this year about continuing their on-screen dynamic as Batman and Catwoman in future projects.

“I think it’s going to be a very complicated road ahead,” Kravitz noted. “I think we’re so similar and yet we’re so different, and we meet each other and yet we also want to be, I think, on our own.”

Reeves agreed, noting, “The two of them, they’re so drawn to each other but at the same time in another way they’re both so affected by their pasts that they’ll never be able to be together. I love this idea of a love story where you can always feel the pull and you can always feel the push.”

The director also spoke of the future dynamic between the two in a possible sequel or another film within “The Batman” universe, noting, “I think it’s going to be hard, because [Selina] is not yet Catwoman in the movie, but she is going to become Catwoman, and that will actually put them more and more on opposite sides.”

“And yet, that foundation of what connects them will always be there,” he added. “Of course, given the two actors who are incredible together, there will of course be the deliciousness of that, too. That’s what I love about them in the comics, you just always know how much they they kind of care for each other, even though they’re on opposite sides.”

For Pattinson’s part, he told ET that he’s more than ready to explore the character further in future “Batman” installments — also noting that Reeves has plenty of plans for this cinematic universe. “I was talking to Matt about it, and it’s funny because he keeps saying he’s got ideas,” the actor said of returning as Bruce Wayne. “There’s so much I love. I’m just so proud of the movie and it would be so fun to do it again.”

Kravitz agreed, adding, “I think it’s so wonderful to have a setup like this, where the audience hopefully will be so invested in our emotional connection and we get to see what happens in the future.”


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