Justin Bieber is having a laugh.

On Wednesday, the Canadian singer dropped his latest music video for a short little song called “I Feel Funny”, in which he jokes around on the set of another video.

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The sub-90-second minimalistic hip-hop track features lyrics like, “Bills on bills (Bills on bills)/I want to make them (I want to make them)/All these hearts (Hearts, hearts)/I used to break them (usеd to break ’em).”

He continues, “But I’ve sеttle down (I settled down)/Yeah, I found the pocket (I found a pocket)/I hold the game (I hold the game)/And I won’t drop it (I won’t).”

Meanwhile, in the clip, Bieber wears an orange ski mask, bopping around the set, appearing to annoy the crew, all while captions describe the making of the video.

“We shot this video on my phone between takes of our actual video,” the captions explain. “We shot this in about 15 minutes, hope you enjoyed it.”

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Rapper Don Toliver makes a cameo appearance in the video, which ends by teasing a collaboration between the two artists on a single and music video called “Honest”, which Bieber promises is “coming very very very soon.”

As previewed in the “I Feel Funny” clip, the video for “Honest” will feature Bieber riding a snowmobile in the mountains.

Talking to Billboard, director Cole Bennett explained how the “I Feel Funny” video came together.

“Justin randomly texted me this song one day and said, ‘Should we do a visual to this? Song straight to number 1.’

“We joked around about doing a video for it but never did. A few weeks later we were doing a pickup day for a video we had recently shot but never finished (‘Honest’). We had a bit of time switching over from scene to scene. So, I went into his trailer and said, ‘Remember that song you sent me? Let’s shoot a video for it on my phone in-between takes of the actual video.’”