Rebel Wilson may have been a good student in high school but there were times when she was “a little bit cheeky.”

The actress, who has been promoting her new film “Senior Year”, stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tuesday and brought along her high school yearbook from 25 years ago.

Kimmel noticed there were lots of extracurricular activities on her list, with Wilson admitting she was a great student and even graduated from a top law school in Australia.

However, she did love to play pranks on her teachers.

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Revealing she moved into the school, Wilson shared, “So, in the boarding house I would mastermind the escapes.

“We had bars on our windows; it was that type of good Christian school. Then I would organize the escapes. I’d work out all the passcodes for the alarms, like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’

“Then one time I locked a teacher in a cupboard for four hours.”

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Wilson went on, “She was a mean teacher. It was really good revenge,” explaining how they lured her into the cupboard by getting her to look at something.

The star admitted, “Yeah, she cried. And she could never tell which girl it was that pushed her in. So they lined us up and were, like, ‘Which one was it?’ And I’m, like, ‘Don’t say anything, guys.’ And then no one ratted me out.”

Wilson said of her time at school, “I was voted deputy head girl, which is kind of, like, the second-most popular girl at the school, which is why I’m on the front cover of the book.”

After noticing one of Wilson’s extracurricular activities was handbells, Kimmel then wheeled some out and had her play “Happy Birthday” for Melania Trump.

See more in the clip above.

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