Lindsay Ell is celebrating the release of “Right on Time”, the new single and accompanying music video from the Canadian country-pop sensation.

According to Ell, the song expresses the pressure she feels as a career-focused woman in her 30s.

“I think women spend a lot of time feeling like they might miss their ‘time’ in life  — their time to be beautiful, to be a mother, to have their dream career, to work their a** off,” Ell explains.

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“It’s a constant fear that we might miss the very thing we want by focusing on something else, and I think I’m just done worrying about that,” she continues. “This is a new dawn for me.”

This philosophy is one that’s reflected in both her music and her attitude.

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“I’m stepping into my new music, unapologetically feeling that I can be certain I’m right where I want to be. ‘Right On Time’ is my own theme song — I’ve been told I’ve missed my chance more times than I can count. If women in country believed that, we would not triumph in the way we always do,” she declares. “So this song is for anyone who needs to hear and be inspired by the idea that you can’t be late to the party in your own life!”